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Justin Bieber Caught Flirting With Ariana Grande On Instagram

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Alllright my friends, lets start where the story does with Ariana posting this CUTE AF video to her Instagram where she’s blowing some bubble kisses.
CUTE, righttt??? Well we aren’t the only ones who thought so, seeing that over 700 thousand people liked the video ANDD it even got the attention of Justin Bieber, who commented by saying: Damn Ariana, u look so good." Luckily for us many fans got a screen grab of the comment so we didn’t actually have to read through thousands of comments… But more importantly, does this mean Justin is hard core crushing on Ari, or is this more of a comment like hey gurl, you look GOOD!?!? (You know, like in a friend kind of way?)
The timing has me curious seeing that Hailey Baldwin’s dad recently came out and told the world that the two and NOT a thing at the moment, even after Justin posted that photo of the two kissing over the holidays… Sooo, even if this was a friendly comment, I wouldn’t put it past Justin to have some meaning behind it if Ari wanted to decide to get the Bieber fever… Ya feel???
ANYWAYS, the drama heated up when Ari’s BF Rickey Alverez, (you know her backup dancer and boo for some time now) hit the comment section responding to the Biebs saying “Keep looking player… I already told you she does.”
Soo the shade between Ricky and Justin is probably the real deal, because I mean come on, having Justin Bieber come at your GIRL is never a good day… The dude is an international SUPER STAR, but saying that Justin is gunning to be Ari’s man is for now so FALSE, and I’d say we’re blowing this out of proportion, seeing that I throw comments like that on Instagram daily, and I’m sure you do too. NOT to mention the two are PROBABLY friends seeing that they share the same manager… HELLO!
If more happens, I may start to believe it, BUT WHAT do all of you think about this flirty situation??? Get to talking in the comment section below, Subscribe to our channel, THEN you can click right here to check in with the greatest moments in which we caught Bieber shirtless in 2015!! Lets become Instagram official, I’m at RYLANDADAMS, That’s also me name in case you didn’t know! Thanks for stopping by Clevver, see you soon!

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